5-7/8inch Tricone Bit IADC635 With Tungsten Carbide

ROSCHEN offers heavy duty tricone roller bits to meet your customized drilling needs. We have classified the bits based on their diameter (footprint), International Association of Drilling Contractor number (IADC number) and American Petroleum Industry number (API Number). The IADC number further classifies the tricone bits based on the tooth material of construction, suitability for drilling into soft, medium or hard rock and bearing type used.

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5-7/8inch Tricone Bit IADC635 with Tungsten Carbide



5 7/8inch

Pin type   Dimensions

5 7/8" API

Teeth Type




Tricone drill bits include Steel Tooth (also referred to as milled tooth) bits and Tungsten Carbide Insert (TCI) bits, TCI bits are much more durable than Steel Tooth ones, but carry a higher cost to manufacture. Both these two groups of Tricone Bits are available with:

(1) Open Bearing or Sealed Bearing

(2) Roller Bearing or Friction Bearing (Journal Bearing)

(3) Gage Protected or Non-Gage Protected, etc

 tricone bit  IADC635


1. The tricone roller bit working life is according the drilling formation and the drilling rig.

2. Rock formation: Very soft with low compressive strength and high drill ability, such as shale, clay, sandstone and conglomerate, etc.

3. Journal bearing. Hard faced bearing surface. Inner hole of cone is silver-plated. The load capacity and seizure resistance of the bearing is greatly improved.

4. O ring seal is made of the more wear resistant and high saturated buna-N with the increased seal section and precisely designed scaling flange in the cone sealing area has increased the reliability of the seal.

5. All rubber compensator is used which can limit pressure differential and prevent drilling fluid from entering the lubrication system and this provides the bearing system with good assurance of lubrication.

6. High wear resistance and excellent cutting ability of the insert bit are given full play by using carbide compacts of high strength and high toughness in combination with optimized compact numbers and rows, the exposure height and special shaped compacts. For steel booth bit, the tooth surface is hard faced with new type of wear resistant material and thus has extended working life of the cutting structure while still maintaining high ROP.

Medium Formation TCI Tricone Bits:

The Tricone Rock Bit features aggressive chisel tungsten carbide inserts on the heel rows and inner rows. This design provides a fast drilling rate and added cutting structure durability in medium-to-medium hard formation. The rubber O-ring provides adequate sealing for bearing durability.

Medium-Hard Formation TCI Tricone Bits:

The Tricone Rock Bit features robust chisel tungsten carbide inserts on the heel row and conical on the inner rows. This design provides a fast drilling rate and added cutting structure durability in medium to medium hard formations. The rubber O-ring provides adequate sealing for bearing durability.


Hard Formation TCI Tricone Bits:

The Tricone Rock Bit can be used to drill hard and abrasive formation. Wear-resistant tungsten carbide inserts are used in the outer rows to prevent loss of bit gauge. Maximum numbers of hemispherical-shaped inserts are used in all rows to provide cutter durability and long life.




2 1/2" to 2 3/4" inclusive

A - AW Rod

2 7/8" to 3 3/8" inclusive

N4 Rod

3 1/2" to 4 1/2" inclusive

2 3/8" API

4 5/8" to 5" inclusive

2 7/8" API

5 1/8" to 7 3/8" inclusive

3 1/2" API

7 1/2" to 9 3/8" inclusive

4 1/2" API

9 1/2" to 14 3/8" inclusive

6 5/8" API

14 1/2" to 18 1/2" inclusive

6 5/8" API or 7 5/8" API

18 5/8" to 26" inclusive

7 5/8" API or 8 5/8" API

27" and larger

8 5/8" API

*Tricone bits are available with alternative   connection sizes on request.

ROSCHEN is rock drilling tools manufacturer, As for rotary drilling tools, we have complete product line of tricone bit which are available in steel tooth and tungsten carbide insert, size from 3 3/8''(85.7mm) to 26''(660.4mm) for use in all formations, with any bearing/seal type, and a wide range of additional custom features. 

ROSCHEN GROUP is professional in manufacturing and supplying quality 5-7/8inch tricone bit iadc635 with tungsten carbide as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. We now bring you high quality 5-7/8inch tricone bit iadc635 with tungsten carbide for sale, competitive in its excellent performance and high precision. Please rest assured to buy.
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