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Jan 26, 2018

The Mazier Retractable Core barrel allows taking an undisturbed sample of soil by applying pressure. The rotation includes a frictionless design to have well coefficient close to zero.

The axial movement of the shoe from the bit allows an adaptation to the encountered formation which might be of different hardness and this without affecting the quality of sampling. The shoe being ahead of the bit stops the water to erode and disturb the core.


1.Nil wall co-efficient

2.Entry Coefficient 3.5%

3.Grey/Clear polyethylene tube

4.Length of sample: 1,000mm(1m)

5.Sealed head dampened with oil

6.Moving head in hard chromed steal placed in bronze bearing.

Outer diameterCore diameterThread of the head
86 mm61.00 mmNW/NWY Rod
101 mm74.00 mmNW/NWY Rod
116 mm86.00 mm60 crealius
131 mm100.40 mm60 crealius
146 mm108.50 mm60 crealius

All sizes stocks is available

This core barrel can be equipped with a diamond bits and a conical core to sample rock.

Sampled Rock:

- Soft formation 0.1 MPa to Hard rock 5 MPa.