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Laser Cutting Machine Without Laser Output Or Laser Is Very Weak Causes And Solutions

Jan 06, 2017

1, the focus lens is pollution: clean focus lens.

2, laser cutting machine focus Focal length changes: re-adjust the focal length.

3, whether the optical path offset: carefully adjust the optical path.

4, the reflective lens is contaminated or damaged: clean or replace the reflective lens.

5, whether the cooling water circulation: dredge cooling water.

6, cooling water or water temperature is normal: replace the cooling water to the normal temperature of the cooling water.

7, the laser power is energized: Check the laser power supply circuit to make it normal.

8, the laser tube is damaged or aging: replace the laser tube.

9, the laser power is damaged: replace the laser power.

10, the machine temperature is too high: 1. Shut down so that the temperature down; 2. Ventilation to enhance the machine cooling; 3. Adjust the ambient temperature.