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Influence Of Servo Motor Operation On Laser Cutting Machine

Jan 06, 2017

For laser cutting machine, whether it is flat cutting or pipe cutting, you want the equipment in accordance with the established graphics processing, the key is involved in the processing of the axis of the dynamic response of the high and low and mutual cooperation problems. If the overall response of each axis is too slow during machining, or if there is a small deviation of one axis in some positions and the other axis is large, then the deformation of the contour will occur. There are many reasons for this deviation inconsistency, such as mechanical, external force, servo response, control system and other factors, or multi-factor superposition. Therefore, the key to solve these problems lies in the axis of a better dynamic response and the co-ordination between each other, so that it can be more strictly in accordance with the established goals for processing operations. Servo motor as a mechanical and control system to undertake the middle of the executive body, to a certain extent, make up, optimize and coordinate the actions of various systems in order to achieve more perfect control purposes.