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How To Install Laser Cutting Machine Lens

Jan 06, 2017

1. Please clean hands before the operation, preferably with soap or detergent cleaning hands, this is the normal operation of the cutting machine lens good habits. Do not directly use the bare hand contact lenses, should bring a special glove operation, to prevent fingerprints on the lens to affect the accuracy;

2. Lens placement should pay attention to smooth so as not to fall fall, while the lens convex face up flat on a smooth and clean desktop. At the same time pay attention to check the desktop without debris, so as not to confuse or affect the lens operating environment;

3. Laser cutting machine lens to guard against damp, can not use the traditional way of blowing the lens blowing, but can not use the heat with the lens blowing, so as to avoid sudden changes in the heat and damage the lens. Lens is a high precision together, temperature and humidity are strictly controlled, so as not to affect the lens surface protective film and optical precision;