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How To Inspect And Clean The Output Lens Of The Laser Cutting Machine Laser

Jan 06, 2017

After-sales service to the customer equipment, often found in the use of laser cutting machine in the process, due to their own operating methods, resulting in laser output head (also known as jumper) of the lens by the more serious external pollution, This problem is mainly concentrated in the jumper head into the cutting process, as well as when not in use jumper head improper storage, resulting in contaminated lenses.

Contaminated lenses, the need for cleaning as soon as possible, or continue to use the process, the stain will absorb the laser led to the stain temperature, the formation of thermal lens phenomenon, affecting the processing technology, a serious lens coating will lead to burn damage. Therefore, we must develop a proper protection and timely cleaning of the optical lens habits, this will not only help to maintain the laser cutting machine processing capacity, but also effectively extend the life of the laser.