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Dia152mm Concave Mission 60 Shank DTH Bits

Jan 28, 2018

Made with high quality of raw material through special heat treatment, especially, tungsten carbide of tapered button bits are from Boart long year, widely applied in Hand Hold ( short-hole) drilling system for dimensional stone quarrying. At now, we are exporting the huge qty of Q7- 33- 7 22-80 , Q9 -45 -12 22- 71 for Chile, USA, Australia, Indian quarry and Norway, Finland quarry.  Diameter of bits from 30mm to 50mm with 4 ,6,7,11,12 degree, premium alloy tapered drill steel with Hexagonal.22mm and Hexagonal.25mm,The deliver capacity are very strong and can completely meet customer's requirements on delivery design,number of buttons is 4,5,6,7,8,9,7 buttons is very popular for hold held (short holes ) and blast drilling system.  Main Products: 1-12 inch middle-low/high air pressure DTH hammers & bits Big hole high air pressure DTH hammer using in water well, oil, gas and construction drilling  Eccentric overburden drilling Equipment  Hole opener bit  Rock thread bit (R22, R25, R28, R32, R35, R38, T38, T45,T51, ST58,GT60) Extension Rod, M/F Rod, M/m Rod, Drift Rod, Shank adapter, coupling sleeves and all kinds of adapters  Advantages: Compared with the oversea brands, our advantages are bellowing: a. Our products can match over 100% against the original products b. Price are competitive against the famous brands and best quality against the small factory