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Q: Does Roschen make diamond drill bits in all diameters?

A: Yes, Roschen makes drill bits in all standard heights, diameters and configurations. We also offer solutions developed for specific requirements, such as our ultra matrix series of drill bits for longer lifespan.  


Q: I am drilling in abrasive ground conditions and experiencing some problems. Does Roschen have products specifically for abrasive ground?

A: Roschen launched an extension to its popular ultra matrix line of products that was developed to deal specifically with abrasive ground. Ultra Matrix Abrasive drill bits have a special matrix consisting of alloys and diamonds that are very resistant to abrasive conditions and are easy to sharpen in the hardest conditions. We also offer the ROS line of drilling fluid additives which can help extend the life of bits in drilling in abrasive conditions.


Q: Besides a bypass wedge, do you have any products that will help me fix my deviated borehole more efficiently?

A: We offer an outstanding product call the one-trip wedge system that allows you to wedge faster and drill faster so you can save time and money. Learn more about deviated holes.


Q: I’ve always used Bentonite and now I want to try drilling additives. Where do I start?

A: It’s great that you are investigating how drilling fluid additives can help improve your performance. Roschen offers “Training center” where you can learn everything you need to start using drilling fluid additives effectively. Simply complete the form to find out more.


Q: I need to buy a drill rig but my budget is limited. Does Roschen sell used drill rigs?

A: Yes, Roschen offers a selection of good-as-new drilling rigs – many with a low number of working hours and some that were bought and never used.