Concrete Drill Bit And Diamond Core Drill

Concrete Drill Bit And Diamond Core Drill
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ROSCHEN GROUP is professional in manufacturing and supplying quality Concrete drill bit and Diamond core drill as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. We now bring you high quality Concrete drill bit and Diamond core drill for sale, competitive in its excellent performance and high precision. Please rest assured to buy.

Concrete drill bit and Diamond core drill

Mineral Exploration Impregnated Diamond Core Bit Ultramatrix Core Bits for Series UMX 07 for Soft Formation drilling

Features of UMX dConcrete drill bit and Diamond core drill:
1. High wear resistance and impact-resistant toughness
2. Longer drilling life
3. High drilling efficiency
4. Fast penetration rate
5. Labor intensity can be reduced


1. Longer Life Drilling, One bits one hole 
2. With very small high quality synthetic diamonds mixed.
3. Impregnated core bits are more economical to use than other bits.
4. It can drill a broad range of geological formations from the softest to the hardest rock.
Ultramatrix core drill bits widely used in all kinds of drillings for prospecting, water and electricity building and construction industry of road, railway, bridge and building taking out core to examine stake.


To select the right bit for the job, assess the speed and power of your drill for the size and depths of the holes to be drilled and assess ground conditions such as rock type / formation and down hole conditions.


Ultramtrix core bits are available in all standard drilling sizes. Also, non-standard sized bits can be produced according to requirements from clients.

Crown Height:

Ultramatrix core bits offers crown impreg depths of 9mm, 12mm, and 16mm .The taller crown heights provide improved bit stability and reduced vibrations, enhancing bit life and performance.

Various waterways are available for Concrete drill bit and Diamond core drill. Differing waterways allow for better flushing in various ground conditions and drilling systems.