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Q: Does Roschen sell drill rigs specifically for the geotechnical drilling?

A: Yes, Roschen offers a complete range of drill rigs specifically designed for geotechnical drilling operations.


Q: I need to pump concrete in my current drilling project. Do you have pumps strong enough to pump concrete?

A: Roschen offers the RS Series pump which is ideal for pumping concrete, mud. It is smaller and more lightweight than other pumps – 2 people can move it!


Q: Why should I use geotechnical drill bits instead of ones made for mineral exploration?

A: Drill bits made for geotechnical or environmental drilling, like the ultra matrix line, are more economical as they are not required to drill deep holes. Mineral exploration usually involves much deeper boreholes so high performance drill bits that can drill many meters are required. You may still encounter specific ground conditions in geotechnical drilling that require premium bits. For those situations, you can always choose products from the ultra matrix line.


Q: I'm having problems drilling in overburden in my geotechnical project. Is there a way I can get onsite advice? 

A: Our technical support team is always ready to help with guidance and advice. They are often available to make onsite technical support visits.