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DTH Drill Pipe supplier
Basic concept:

The usual components of the drill string are: drill bit, drill collar, drill pipe, stabilizer, special joint and square drill pipe. The main role of the drill string is: (1) from the drill bit; (2) the application of pressure; (3) transmission power; (4) transport drilling fluid; (5) special operations: squeeze cement, handling underground accidents.

API standard E75 to S135 steel, diameter from 2 3/8 "to 6 5/8" series of oil drill pipe and with high torsional performance of the double shoulder joint drill pipe and for sulfur oil wells of special steel Class BNK C95S drill pipe. It is mainly used in the construction of deep well, horizontal well and large displacement well during oil and gas exploration and development.

Key features:

The drill pipe is a steel pipe with a tail wire at the rear for connecting the rig surface equipment and the drilling tool or bottom hole device at the bottom of the drilling. The purpose of the drill pipe is to transport the drilling mud to the drill bit and to raise, lower or rotate the bottom hole device with the drill bit. The drill pipe must be able to withstand significant internal and external pressure, twist, bend and vibrate. In the oil and gas extraction and refining process, the drill pipe can be used multiple times.

The light pipe and the raw steel pipe are made into a drill pipe after a plurality of processing steps. First, through the steel pipe thickening process, the outer surface of the light pipe inward bending, thickening of the pipe wall. Next, thread processing and plating can increase the strength of copper. And then non-destructive quality control test, followed by the pipe pipe fittings welding. Then, the tube will experience the welding heat treatment and welding final treatment to eliminate the welding residual pressure. Several other tests on the finished product of the finished steel pipe, including hardness testing, pressure testing and non-destructive testing, are carried out before the finished drill pipe is painted and packaged.
DTH Drill pipe is made of high quality material detected by spectrograph, impact and tension test.

With fully digitized processing line introduced from Japan with integral heat treatment equipment

Anti adhesion thread with nitrogen treatment on surface make it easier for handling.

Metallography detection, hardness test, magnaflux inspection, ultrasonic flaw detection, tensile test and impact test ensure products quality.


1. Length: 1000mm ~ 6000mm

2. Diameter: 76mm ~ 114mm

3. Wall thickness: 6mm ~ 6.5mm

4. Thread Pin/Box: 2 3/8" ~ 3 1/2" API REG

5. Carefully selected seamless steel pipe and high quality alloy steel for joint tools.

6. Precisely friction welded to ensure straightness and concentrically.

7. Multiple precisely heat-treated tools joint.

8. Internally and externally upset drill rods are available

DTH Drill Pipe Specifications
Outer diameter Thread Wall thickness Length
mm inch mm mm
76 3 API 2 3/8 REG
API 2 7/8 REG
API 3 1/2 REG
API 4 1/2 REG
API 2 3/8 IF
API 2 7/8" IF
API 3 1/2" IF
API 4 1/2" IF
API 5 1/2" IF
BECO 3 1/2"
6.3 1000-4000mm
89 3 1/2 6.3 1000-4000mm
102 4 6.3 1500-4000mm
114 4 1/2 7.5 1500-4500mm
127 5 8 1500-5000mm
133 5 1/4 8 1000-4000mm
140 5 1/2 14 3000-9000mm
152 6 8 ~ 20 1000-10000mm


How to order?

Please send us your inquiry with detail item description or with Model number.

If there is no packing demand we take it as our regular exported standard packing.

We will offer you an order form for filling. We will recommend you the most suitable model according to information you offered.

You send us your detail requirement, we provide quotation to you.

Can I expect a quality products?

All the production and processing are strictly according to ISO 9001:2008 and API standard. At the same time, mature production technology ensuring the quality satisfy international request. We also welcome the third party inspection, such as BV, SGS and TUV.

The information you may like to know before Payment:

1. Methods of Payment:

T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) or L/C at sight

2. Shipping way

Sample order: we suggest Courier express like DHL/UPS/TNT/FEDEX or by air

Bulk order: we suggest by air or by sea.

3. Quality Control

We have our own experienced QC.

There will be strict inspection and testing for every order before shipping out.

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