Single Cone Bit Tricone Drill Bit

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Single Cone Bit Tricone Drill Bit 
Tricone IADC537 4 1/8" single cone bits for soft rock formation drilling 
Single cone bit is a bit slow, that cone drill bit of speed than the speed of smaller, mainly chaotic cutting rock, suitable for high-speed, high pressure drilling wells sidetracking the old, old wells deepened so slim hole drilling.  

Tricone single cone drill bit Features:
1. Covers almost all IADC codes. 
2. Rapid delivery time, Stock is available 
3. Meet with API Spec7-1 Standard 

Tricone drill bits IADC537 4 1/8" single cone bits for hard

1. Cutting Structure: 
The reamer mainly consists of four or more cones. Cutting Structure with premium tungsten carbide hardfacing or premium tungsten carbide insert of formulas and new techniques is utilized, and increases wear-resistance capability of reamer. The pilot type bits is three cone bit (tricone bit), one or two cone bits type is availble by requests.  

2. Seal and Lubrication:   
 High performance HNBR O-ring for bearing seal and advanced grease for lubrication.  
 3. Application:  
 1. It is suitable for the large size well, mining and infrastructure applications.   
 2. It can drill from Softest rock formation to hardest rock formation.  
 3. Applications more widely applicable not only to lateral drilling, and can be used in deep wells.   
 4. Working torque than the PDC drill bit in the same conditions of pressure and lower strata can reduce the problem of small size drill expansion button to avoid mine accidents.    
 5. Single cone bit with both three-cone bit and PDC bit of advantage, there is a difference between the two Surrounded by a shortage of more than three-cone bit more suitable for large plastic formation, but also can be applied to PDC bit difficult to deal with hard inter layer, and other complex formations.                         
 5. With the downhole drill motor to achieve high speed and special drilling needs.   
 4. Main Availability Specifications (Bit sizes and cone types can be customized as you special order): 


Bit IADC Code



3 3/4


517, 527, 537, 617

3 5/8


517, 527, 537, 617

3 7/8


517, 527, 537, 617

4 1/8


517, 527, 537, 617

4 1/2


517, 527, 537, 617

4 5/8


517, 527, 537, 617

4 3/4


517, 527, 537, 617

5 7/8


517, 527, 537, 617




8 1/8



8 1/2



5. Please specify the following on enquiry: 
A. Bit diameter
B. Drilling formation
C. Guide bit/pilot bit diameter
D. Cutters type
E. Thread Connection

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