Non Coring Bit

Non Coring Bit Terracore poly diamond chrystaline non coring bits Core Sampling The Terracore range also includes non-coring bits for open-hole drilling and hole cleaning. The non-coring bit range also provides complementary bit tools for drilling grout holes. The Terrcore range offers a diamond...

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Non Coring Bit

Terracore poly diamond chrystaline non coring bits Core Sampling 
The Terracore range also includes non-coring bits for open-hole drilling and hole cleaning. The non-coring bit range also provides complementary bit tools for drilling grout holes. The Terrcore range offers a diamond surface set, Diapax set and Tungsten carbide set of non-coring bits with different rod connections. The Terracore non-coring bit range is an important alternative for drilling holes and/or hole sections where core samples are not needed. Terracore non-coring bits offer you a cost effective, flexible drilling solution alternative to core drilling.

Diamond drilling tools
The world's most comprehensive and productive range of diamond drilling tools. 

We've been involved in the mining and steel industry since the 15th century. All that know-how is built into all our rock drilling tools – for your benefit.

We look for outstanding performance in all our products and services. Ultimately, that means excellent hole quality and low-cost drilling for you.

 We're at the cutting edge of rock drilling tool technology. Our state-of-the-art products will give you the leading edge, too.

Product Description: 
Non-coring natural diamond bits
1, Flat Face PDC Non-coring Bits (Newest Design) 
Description: This kind of diamond tool has good performance for various rock formations, and it is mainly used for general drilling. The powdered metal matrix ensures strong abrasion resistance and long service life. Advanced geometric design is adopted for fast penetration.

2, PDC Face Discharged Coring Bits
Description: With the advantages of good cutting fast penetration, fluent water passing, high efficiency in getting core and long bit life, our PDC face discharged coring bits are applied soft to medium hard rock formation. 
3, Multi-Blade PDC Non-coring Bits
Description: Multi-blade PDC non-coring bit is designed for opening holes. Standard PDC cutters are distributed on the blades. Balance design is used to improve the stability and efficiency of drilling. It has the advantages of fast penetration and high drill efficiency in soft rock. 
4, Round Profile PDC Non-coring Bits
Description: This product only has small interface with the rock. Column diamond is used to protect inner and outer gauge, in addition, extra PDC cutters are used to enhance gauge protection. The bit can be cleaned and cooled sufficiently due to the design of flow roomage. This product is widely applied to soft to medium hard rock formation. 
5, Three (Four) Wings Round Profile PDC Bits
Description: Our round profile PDC bits are improved according to oil bits. High performance PDC cutters adopted can highly decreases the cutting resistance and maintains a long service life. This type bits have faster penetration, longer life and stronger adaptability than conventional concave multi-wing bits. It is widely applied to medium soft rock formation. 
6, 3 Blades PDC Bits 
Description: This product is a new design type blade bit. It has three blades and capacious flume. 3 blades PDC bits enjoy the features of high drilling efficiency and fast penetration. The capacious flume ensures that water can pass through it quite fluently. They are applied to medium hard rock formation. 

7, PDC Reamer Bits
Description: PDC Reamer bit is applied to reaming and drilling in medium hard rock. With the features of good guidance capability, sharpness, stable use and abrasion resistance, our PDC reamer bits are widely applied in medium hard rock.
8, Three Wings Concave PDC Non-coring Bits
Description: The stability and efficiency of drilling are largely improved owing to the balance design of cutters. Flow roomage is specially designed so that bit can be clean and cooled sufficiently. This type PDC bit enjoys the features of good stability and universality. It is applied to soft to hard rock formation. 
9, PDC oil coring set bit
Description: With the features of stability and high performance, this product is specially applied to oil drilling.
10, Normal complete-pieces PDC Bits 
Description: This product is widely applied to soft to hard rock formation. It adopts the wear proof material which maintains a long service life of drill. specifications: 25mm 28mm,30mm,32mm,36mm,42mm.  

Features & benefits:

1. Flexible and cost-effective alternative when core sampling is not required.
2. Large range of sizes to cover both metric and imperial hole dimensions.
3. PDC, Diamond surface set and Tungsten carbide bit sets to cover all applications.
4. Bits available for most common rod connections for a wide area of use.


Q Series

AQ, BQ, NQ,    NQ2,NQ3,HQ, HQ2,HQ3,PQ,PQ2,PQ3

T, TT,    T2&TB Series

T36, TT46,    T2-46, TB56, TT56, T2-56, T2-66, T2-76, T2-76 Core line, T2-86, T2-86 Core    line, T2-101,T2-101Core line

T6 Series

T6-76, T6-86,    T6-101, T6-116, T6-131, T6-146

B Series    (ISO3552-1)

B36, B46, B56,    B66, B76, B86, B101, B116, B131, B146

WF Series:


WT Series:

RWT, EWT, AWT,    BWT, NWT, HWT (Single Tube/Double Tube)

WG Series:

EWG, AWG, BWG,    NWG, HWG (Single Tube/Double Tube)

WM Series:


N Gauge Core    Bits


H Gauge Core    Bits

WLH, WLH-3.830,    WLH-3.895, WLH3, WLHTT, HMLC, HWF-long, HWM,HWT


Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
A: We are a specialized manufacturer.
Q: What are your main products, and used for?
A: Our products include core bit, PDC bit, reaming shell, core barrel, casing, drill rod, SPT equipment, Shelby sampler, drill rig and other drilling parts.
They are used for mineral exploration, geological drilling, geotechnical engineering and soil sampling.
Q: How about the delivery terms?
1. Payment: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal, 30% deposit in advance and rest before delivery.
2. Min. order quantity: 1 piece.
3. Transportation: By DHL/TNT/Fedex express, air, sea, train.
Q: How about discount?
A: Price is based on products and order quantity.
Q: Do you accept sample order?
A: Yes sure, please contact us for details.
Q: How about your after-sales service?
A: As a manufacturer, we offer promt technology support for all problems and questions. Besides, we accept goods return or replace for quality problem.
Q: How does your company control the quality?
A: Quality first. In order to guarantee high quality for our products, Roschen always makes a serious inspection for all products and raw materials in strict procedure. We have obtained certificate of ISO9001:2000 in 2004. 

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ROSCHEN GROUP is professional in manufacturing and supplying quality non coring bit as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. We now bring you high quality non coring bit for sale, competitive in its excellent performance and high precision. Please rest assured to buy.


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