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When the entire drill string cannot be recovered, Roschen casing cutters are the perfect tool to minimize loss.
Single blade "Bradley Style" and dual blade casing cutters are available in all industry standard sizes.
Casing Cutter Assembly



The casing cutter assembly is for cutting steel pipe underground. Our unique downhole hydraulic pipe cutter applies smooth constant pressure onto three knives via a piston assembly, thereby assuring clean and rapid cutting. Once the device is lowered to the desired depth where water pressure can be applied, it begins rotating. The cutting blade normally makes cuttings before water pressure reaches to 150 to 200 PSI. CDG’s casing cutter assembly includes AW, BW, NW and HW.



1. AW, BW, NW, HW/HWT casing cutter all is available.
2. Upon lowering the assembly, the cutting lugs are retracted inside the body by the spring. With low rotation (25 rpm) initially, the cutting lugs are forced out using water pressure, 1 380 kpa (200 psi). A drop in pressure indicates that the cutting operation is complete.
3. Overburden drilling system
4. Reverse circulation drilling


When a string of casing is stuck in a drill hole , a portion of it can be salvaged by cutting the casing above the stuck zone with a casing cutter. The casing can be cut at any desired point in the string.

The cutter connects directly to the drill rods and the pressure of the circulating water against a piston forces the steel or tungsten carbide tipped cutters out against the casing. After the casing is cut the pressure is released and the cutters retract.


1. Used for cutting NW casing or HRHP/H/HM rod at any point in a drill hole when the entire string can not be retrieved.
2. NW NWL HW HWL rod box connection.
3. Each knife is made of crushed tungsten carbide.
4. To make these cutters more practical, our down hole hydraulic pipe cutters are designed with fully interchangeable internal components.
5. In fact, the only difference of various casing cutter assembly is the size of heavy duty cutter body. This means there are fewer parts in need of repair and replace. Therefore, you need not to buy and stock casing cutters' components in order to run and maintain cutter with multiple sizes.





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