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NW Wireline Casing Advancers Casing Through Difficult Overburden or Rock Formations 
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Roschen offers a complete line of wireline casing advancers, in all standard industry sizes.
Roschen provides a full line of wireline casing advancers for soil sampling and overburden coring in conjunction with casing. These can also be used for casing through difficult overburden or formations.
Roschen Casing Advancer has been designed to allow drilling and casing to be carried out at the same time as one integral operation.
This feature eliminates the need to drill the large diameter hole with a Rock Bit, pull the drill rod string and Rock Bit from the hole and then ream the casing back into the hole.
The integral operation makes the Roschen Casing Advancer eminently suitable for drilling through overburden or sands and gravels.
It is also particularly suitable for Landfill Drilling applications.


Outstanding Features:
1. Cases borehole as borehole advances.
2. Helps reduce drilling cost by saving rod and casing handling.
3. Can be used with Rock Bot or TC. Drag Bit.
4. Long Casing Shoe life as it is always reaming and never drilling alone.
5. Special flushing ports in the body ensure that the casing bit is adequately flushed.
6. Uses conventional Right Hand threaded Drill Rods and Casing. 
7. Suitable for Air, Water or Mud Flush.
8. Manufactured from high quality materials.


Wireline casing advancers are typically used for the following applications:
1. Soil sampling and overburden coring in conjunction with casing advancement
2. Casing through difficult overburden and caving bedrock formations
3. Casing off the water environment from rivers and lakes while drilling from barges or platforms
4. Over drilling lost or stuck tooling
5. Piezometer or well installations with minimal cuttings
6. Well abandonment   
Please contact a Roschen representative for additional details.

Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
 A: We are a specialized manufacturer.
Q: What are your main products, and used for?
A: Our products include core bit, PDC bit, reaming shell, core barrel, casing, drill rod, SPT equipment, Shelby sampler, drill rig and other drilling parts.
They are used for mineral exploration, geological drilling, geotechnical engineering and soil sampling.
Q: How about the delivery terms?
1. Payment: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal, 30% deposit in advance and rest before delivery.
2. Min. order quantity: 1 piece.
3. Transportation: By DHL/TNT/Fedex express, air, sea, train.
Q: How about discount?
A: Price is based on products and order quantity.
Q: Do you accept sample order?
A: Yes sure, please contact us for details.
Q: How about your after-sales service?
A: As a manufacturer, we offer prompt technology support for all problems and questions. Besides, we accept goods return or replace for quality problem.
Q: How does your company control the quality?
 A: Quality first. In order to guarantee high quality for our products, Roschen always makes a serious inspection for all products and raw materials in strict procedure. We have obtained certificate of ISO9001:2000 in 2004. 


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